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Delay Announcement

We woke up today and had a long and frank discussion on what to do and we did not make this decision lightly, the right thing to do is turn off the servers and fix things before releasing, rather than leave the game open with quest saving issues. We understand we would lose players, and also dissapoint a lot of people that feel the game is still playable, but we want we stand by closing the servers and fixing the fundamental issue with the quest saving system.

To fix this issue we need to completely rewrite how quest states such as tasks, tags and objectives are saved, and we need 2 weeks for this. However, our developers have been working super hard these last 2 weeks and this weekend (averaging 4 hours sleep per day this weekend) as well as having finals next week

We have decided to delay the opening to 28 March to give time for

  • Rewriting saving code
  • Updating to 1.15 (more performance improvements)
  • 1 week of player testing
The following is NOT reset:
  • Items
  • Bank (Unless you're an abuse case)
  • Skill
The following WILL BE reset (due to fundamentally different saving)
  • Quests
  • Rank (Guldens refunded straight to bank)
We do take full responsibility for this; we were not able test in a live environment with 1,000+ players and did not foresee the saving method being an issue. Everything looked fine in our 5 gameplay stress tests leading up to the release where we filled 3 instances full of players to test load.

Weekend Testing

We WILL potentially open the server on weekends for testing, quests will be disabled but you can still explore, gather items and level your skills. This is contingent on what you guys want of course.

Financial State of Server

We intentionally did not turn on shop items and subscriptions (apart from Supporter Bundles as they do work) to turn them on IF AND ONLY IF there were no issues.

We do understand delaying means we have to shoulder the significant 1 month of hosting costs and lost revenue bit rest assured, I still have enough in my savings account to shoulder this cost as well as keep our developers paid.

Please do not feel inclined to donate to Supporter Bundles as we still stand by our announcement earlier that please donate only after trying the project and liking it.

Community Translations

Due to the delay we have potentially the time to create localization support and will be hiring community translators for any language with over 250 players (all communities that have 250+ players will get their own language channel on Discord as well)

Please send your resume and application to [email protected]

The Silver Lining

There is a server lining to this is that despite the bugs people had fun, this is the most important factor, it means our game design is solid, and everyone has a lot to look forward to when we fix all these issues and deploy the untested but completed content!

So far players have probably discovered 3-4% of what is on offer, there is a lot more to see!

Sorry for the inconveniences everyone, and thanks for your patience and support.