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One of our most complicated plugins - the aptly named world engine is well under way in terms of development. The plugin is now able to handle multiple settings files with different priority levels to determine what drops in a region, not only that but the world engine plugin allows blocks to drop multiple items from breaking a block such as giving grain and straw from breaking wheat and chances for dropping things such as finding rare gems while mining. Precious stones will be implemented as items very soon and will be an integral material for the crafting skill.

We have also implemented the "modifier" setting which determines modifiers players will receive in a region such as in regions with modifier "Rich Mine" players will have higher ore drop rates and precious stone drop rates or towns flagged "Opulent" players will receive various bonuses such as crafting success rates.

We are in the process of finalizing the first draft of foodstufs that will be present ingame and will be creating recipes very shortly, to support the extra recipes we have also coded in dairy products such as various milks, butters, cheeses and a few more meats. Food will serve three purposes in Hegemony, the primary function is to heal the player and therefore will be an essential item when grinding on mobs, the second purpose is that high tier foods will give a temporary boost to certain skills, for example a high tier fish pie would temporarily boost the player's fishing level and the third function is our use of the hunger meter as a satisfaction bar, when the bar is full, the player receives an experience bonus and the bar is filled through high tiered fine foods.