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Quick construction update before our tour this weekend, we have just finished designing the dedicious tress as we are building at lower altitudes now, designs include: Elm, Birch, Oak and Maples.

Work has begun on the farming valley and farms will be finished off within the next few days, beautiful fields filled with various grains, herbs and produce. Players however will only be able to collect these resources and level up their farming skills in the tour next weekend as this weekend's focus is our custom woodcutting systems.
In the last few days we've built some isolated "homesteads" (new settlement level, below that of a Hamlet) in the Alpine regions and have worked to connect the various settlements with paths to give players an easier time when getting around.
Heres a picture of the canvas that the team and I will be working on terraforming/building, we are really excited about this as this area of the world presents unique challenges in terms of building style and we have to completely shift our style from the Alps to a warmer, more farming orientated location.