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Hello everyone!

Quick update on what we have been working on these last few days since the announcement, most obviously we have fixed a tonne of bugs that our players have found from playtesting.

One key content we have now enabled is the Forgery skill, all the required materials can be gained and you can forge Tattered Orders of Purveyance! This item allows you to put any item we have balanced the price for with the Order of Purveyance and turn it into guldens (for a better price than you would get at a shop) and also provide merchanting experience.


We're also setting up all rentals again and will start with Schonsee, you will be able to rent and decorate these houses, as well as fast-travel to your properties from any settlement. These allow you to build crafting stations that you otherwise would not be present in the town, allow you to build stoves which have less burn chance than open fires, and furniture which generate various items. Later we will be doing the farming valley houses which come with your own farmland.


Content wise, we are implementing a lot of new stuff. We have built the Thieving Guild and setup the NPC textures for them, we made tech for where you have to avoid law-enforcement NPCs and this will be used while you are on task for Thieving Guild missions and Assasination Missions from Octavian, we are implementing a Thief's Set armour which gives bonus to pickpocketing and also looks very cool! More to come on this, heres a quick preview of what the Thief's Guild looks like:


We are also implementing the Quartermaster for the farming valley's burg (Hofsteden) he will buy a large variety of items once we have his shop set up and also offer Militia-esque tasks but instead of combat, focused on the purveyance of various food and supplies for the upkeep of an army. The tasks will be gathering, crafting, herblore and farming related and be quite rewarding! (Orders of Purveyance being one of the rewards).


We will also be setting up Treasure Clues soon as well, they can be gained from various activities such as caskets from fishing, birdnests, mob drops and pickpocketing! They will be very cryptic and the first people who get them and have to figure out what to do will find an extremely challenging (and also rewarding) experience!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our media friends who covered our announcement:

We're also giving out 2 live-testing access keys, to enter simply comment with your situation. We fully understand.


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I have been playing MC and MMOs longer than I care to admit. Pretty decent at bug reports and such as I have been in a few alphas over the years. Looks like a fun server and I am quite interested in what you guys got goin on here. Im home most days right now so I can put in some time to test and make sure all the new things are running smooth.


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Hi i'm from Russia. My bear Yasha like play on balalaika and also play minecraft. When i tell him about your awesome project, he want to play it, but i say that we cant, because we dont have so much money for early access. I dont want to sell balalika to get money to play your cool server. Please give us 1 key for your server, Yasha will be very happy.
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I've been playing Minecraft since alpha when zombies used to drop feathers. Minecraft was still 5 dollars back then but I thought of its potential, excited to think of it all World of Wacrafty when multiplayer comes out! Turns out I suck at Minecraft after trying out most servers. I found out I was horrible at PVP, mini games, etc. but I like hanging around socially and playing with everyone. To be honest I do stop playing from time to time, but its that kind of game that you keep going back to somehow. I met lots of Minecraft players over the years, and today my mod told me about a server that sounded like the same one I envisioned many years ago! I know it's a long shot but I am looking to get a spot in this giveaway. I can't afford to pay for support right now but instead I would like to help you get noticed by showing your game to players that I know. I don't have a lot of following like I used to because I've been inactive, but I would like to get back into Minecraft and if I'm right, stay for good this time because I finally found Hegemony. Sorry for typing too much, and I understand if I don't get selected because of limited availability. Wishing the best for this server!
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I am currently out of school for the next two weeks and I am very interested in the server. If I do win, I will continue to play after school starts again, just not as often. I personally just want to test because I think it would be a lot of fun and I have no previous experience doing this kind of thing. If you need me to test a certain thing, I will.


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I've always been interested in these kinds of game within a game concept especially when it comes to Minecraft. When I found out about this, I didn't hesitate to sign up and follow the updates. I can't wait for the full release of this game so I can explore everywhere.


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Cant wait to see the final results! Minecraft is truly becoming a game engine, whether people like it or not. Best believe im counting down the days until release!


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I've just heard of this server on a MMO site that I follow and I became interested on it. I'm looking for an interesting game to play in a constant way, and maybe this will be the one.


Neat update.
I could use a key, my family has been dealing with bankruptcy for a few months so i don't have any sort of allowance to support the server with. But regardless, good luck with preparing for the upcoming release <3