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Hello everyone!

We have an extremely busy 2 weeks coming up where the server will be under heavy development implementing features such as:

- Updating to 1.13
- Farming
- Bosses
- Tournaments
- Rentals
- Customizing Rentals
- Farming
- Overhaul of Tutorial
- Treasure Trials
- Custom Enchantments
- Complete Shop Balance
- Complete Mob Balance
- Huge Quest Updates
and more!

This version has been internally referred to as working version 2.2.0 and we will be pushing hard in these 2 weeks to finally polish and create content that our new code and backend infrastructure now supports!

A full changelog will be posted on release and to compensate the recent erratic weekend openings, the server will be open for 2 weeks instead of just weekends after launch.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting us on Patreon!