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Hello everyone!

Taking the opportunity while the server is crashed to write this post, we're planning to completely overhaul combat and if you have had the opportunity to join in on the
testing you would have found that mob drops from combat is much more rewarding and fun!

We're working on overhauling the combat system to be more situational and interesting! Every weapon will get a special attack, special attacks consume the special
attack bar which refills slowly. Rondels, Poignard and Anelaces for example will have Hinger, Cripple and Bleed respectively.

Different weapons will be used for different situations, in boss fights having a group with different weapons and special attacks is very advantageous! We're also working
on improving mob locations, adding tonnes more mobs with rewarding drops in such as Militia Recruit, Spearman, Veteran, Jaeger, Bandits, Outlaws and more!

The winners of the access from the "What we are working on post" (drawn randomly via random number generator) are Azethine and Vlader0n, we decided to give an
additional one to Glerk as well, hope things get better for you and your family :)! Please message me with your Minecraft account names.

Keep an eye out on our Discord for more news and giveaways!

PS. Treasure Clue and the Thieving Guild missions are being worked on and heavily tested on our internal staging realms!