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Hello hello everyone!

The last 2 weeks have been absolutely hectic, we've got so much done I don't even know where to start. But a quick summary:

New Quests: A Head Start (Part One), Bank Expansion (Part One), Valentines 2018 Event Quest

A Head Start is an interesting quest which you start with the Schonsee Innkeeper, it requires Lv. 15 Combat Level and the quest reward is Ale Yeast, which combined with newly implemented General Store's hops, apples, apple mush players for the first time can get drunk in the server!

As everyone was running out of bank slots, we implemented a quest to expand your maximum vaults by 1, hope you all enjoy that too!

Quests that are currently in the works:
- A Head Start (Part Two)
- A Job styled daily Militia quest
- An Old Man's Predicament

All will be as immersive and intrigueing as The Steward's Assistant

We recruited a few highly talented Skin and 2D/3D Artists and due to that, our progress NPCs wise (previous chokepoint was skins) as well as custom items are going very smoothly, this has allowed us to implement Cheese Seller, Milkmaid, Beekeeper, Herblist, General Store Keeper and many more!

Also some NPCs making a comeback after a long period away: Potters

And here are the beautiful new item sprites! (Available in full texture pack + optifine)

Potions are now crafteable, you will need to buy a tool from the Herblist down in Telfs (Farming Village)

We have lots coming this month despite there being only 4 days of the month left, we have lots planned still and with an expanded and energetic team we definitely will get many more core features in the next month, everything will be announced in the upcoming Behind the Scenes post.

Tomorrow we will write about the Valentines Event, stay tuned!