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Hello everyone,

We wanted to update the server to 1.12 as soon as it came out, but due to our developers still being away focusing on finals we had to find a time that they could update the server plugins. The server is now flawlessly running 1.12, unfortunately there is no 1.12 optifine just yet nor a 1.12 conquest texture pack, as soon as those are released we will be updating the download links and the server texture pack.

Dialogue Engine Started
Our dialogue engine has been started, we estimate it should take under a week to complete so expect to see quests ingame at the beginning of July, it is very exciting for us. Parallel to this, we will be creating the ranks plugin, rankup quests will be long, hard and time consuming, just a warning.

The dialogue engine's GUI has all been designed and I have to say it is one of the cleanest we have designed and the most beautifully designed. More information will be released soon, this weekend we might have some sample dialogue (not quest as the plugin would still be in an Alpha state) to give you all a teaser on dialogue.

As we have updated now to 1.12, our composer Ben Butler has started working on some music pieces for the server using the new instruments. Currently planned pieces are:

- Hegemony (Main Theme)
- Unnamed Piece (Environmental)
- Unnamed Piece (Environmental)
- Call to Arms (Battle Music) - Remake

The eventual plan is to have over 4 hours of original soundtrack with different pieces playing depending on:

- What the player is doing
- Where the player in
- Status of player (for example rank or quest status)
- Instances
- Boss Fights

Hope you look foward to these upcoming updates!