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After weeding out the basic bugs in ranged and configuration of recipes, we are happy to announce ranged combat and fletching are now online. Every Easter Egg (Total of 9 to collect) has been rolled out now including their respective Bunny Ear cosmetic drops (3 variations) so get hunting!
Fletching Updates
Fletching occurs on "Workbenches" (Pistons) and once fully implemented will include the following categories:

- Bows (Hunting, Short, Long)
- Crossbows (Light, Standard, Arbalests)
- Projectiles (Arrows and Bolts)
- Components

As Fletching is a multi-disciplinary skill, some of the fletching recipes such as crossbow limbs and arrowheads occur on stations such as the Smelter and Anvil.

We'll be adding longbows, crossbows and such this week and 200+ ammunition items. Fletching primarily consumes wood, secondary resources includes feathers, metals and hemp (double tallgrass).

New Ashwood Tree

New Mobs + Farming Area


This weekend content that will also be implemented are: Crayfish fishing, fruits, honey, buckets, barrels, milk, cows, leatherworking, churns and more. Happy ranging! More news coming tomorrow.