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This weekend went really well, we got a lot of mature players who are serious about playing, as we are advertising slightly now, we are getting some immature players who come on to mess around. Ignore them if they do come, they'll log out once they're bored.

Estimated stable unique playercount increase from this week would be ~10 players. This is great steady growth for the server. There are many updates this weekend that weren't planned meaning that we only got through half the list of things we wanted to add for the weekend, before I go through them here are some tips for players who have been around these few weekends and are hitting Lv. 30s in skills: It is now at this stage not efficient to gather your own resources to continue skilling, it is worthwhile paying newcomers to collect raw materials for you at a slightly higher than market rate. A newcomer could perhaps earn 9 Guldens/Hr, you could probably offer them 12 Guldens/Hr to help you gather simple raw materials such as logs, fish and coal.

Balance Updates

- Mobs Rebalanced
- Mob Drops Rebalanced
- Shop Prices Rebalance
- Bait Price Increase
- Fish Price Increase
- 1000+ Recipes Overhauled
- Recipe Success Chances Buffed (7-12% for most Recipes)
- Recipe Experiences Rebalanced
- Coal Chance Increased
- Iron Chance Increased

Biggest focus this week was focused on economic updates, with a person focused on fishing we realized you could get ~320 shrimps or ~160 fish per hour. This means someone could easily make ~30 Guldens/Hr from fishing Trout/Pike or Salmon. After testing, this is indeed the case, and in the future we will introduce success rates for higher level fish even if your catch is successful to further balance fish prices.

For now the cost of bait has increased and fish prices overall has been buffed, this is the case for everything:
- Lv. 1 in a skill will make a player ~9 Guldens/Hr
- Lv. 15 in a skill will make a player ~12 Guldens/Hr
- Lv. 25 in a skill will make a player ~15 Guldens/Hr

The price of weapons and armours will need to be rebalanced to this rate, furthermore we are lacking figures on still a lot of things which is why new shop rollout has been slow.

New Mobs

- Male Peasant
- Female Peasant
- Militia
- Snow Hare
- Forest Hare
- High Constable
- Brown Bear

We are still planning to implement new mobs for next week:
- Militia Captain
- Footman
- Militia (Archer)
- Longbowman
- Alpine Wolf
- Outlaw (Female)
- Outlaw (Male)
- Field Rat
- Cow
- Chicken
- Pig
- Wild Boar

Known Bugs
The bugs that are most pressing are still the combat bugs, mobs are hitting through when they shouldn't and players are hitting through to high mobs when they have a 0% hit chance. We're also investigating bank and inventory slot bugs, stacking exploits and other combat issues. We hope to have all these bugs fixed by Wednesday this week.

Plugin Updates
This week will still be focused on bug fixing and we're also working on full implementing ranged combat and the player - player trade system. More news will come on what new features we are working on, stay tuned!