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As you guys probably know ingame mechanics better than I do, I feel it is best that we get a helping hand from everyone with balance and level design.

For this purpose we have created a new forum: Public Square
There is where threads on what price things should be (that are not for sold) can be made, and also where you can suggest what mobs should drop.

Currently Militia and Footman do not drop anything special for example and Peasants all have one drop file. You could help by suggesting what they should drop and at what rate, and also what varieties such as location and gender of the Peasant we should have for example Peasants in farming village should drop farm related things. This will reduce our balancing workload by a lot and let us focus our efforts on building, plugin design and balancing more mobs without needing to worry too much over the drops.

Also things that you could help with are pickpocket loot, and what chance for the various mobs.

Thanks in advance!
Tomorrow we will writing about how the dialogue system and an example of a short quest will entail and some other interesting news.