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Apologies everyone for raising your hopes up about a February 15th opening, what I meant was a March 15 opening to coincide with my inter-quarter break. This gives us 60 days to get everything in order. Here is a small preview on what we will have implemented for opening:

World Engine - Providing an immersive realistic world with custom drops and custom experience gain for collecting raw materials, with various huntable animals and even birdlife.

Crafting - Hundreds if not over a thousand recipes for: Hunting, Cooking, Leatherworking, Armoursmithing, Weaponsmithing, Smelting, Fletching and Crafting.

Items - Thousands of items to support various armours and weapons, mining, woodcutting, fishing and hunting.

Mobs - Huge variety of peaceful mobs, animals and humanoid mobs.
Builds: Six villages, two castles and one town.

Quests: Tutorial quest + possibility of 5-6 more

After opening we will expand on these, more recipes, skills, items, builds, quests, mobs, areas, dungeons, tournaments and so on.