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A guide by Hobbits



This guide will tell you the basics of not only how to complete a couple of quests, but also to achieve the Peasant rank on Hegemony.


- Completion of "Wilderness Survival" Quest.
- Completion of "The Steward's Assistant" Quest. (Will be shown in this guide)
- 12.66 Guldens
- 4x beetroots


1. Once you completed Wilderness Survival, you will need to head over to the Village Hall and speak to the Elder. You have now started Freedoms Path!
Coordinates: (X 245, Y 103, Z -114)

2. After speaking to the Elder, you will need to have 5 people vouch for you. These 5 NPCs will vouch for you as followed:
  • General Store Merchant
  • The Butcher
  • Fish Merchant
  • Barmaid
  • Seasoning Stallkeeper

Please Note: They will not vouch for you yet, and will tell you to head over to the Steward. You will now have to complete, "The Stewards Assistant."

The Steward's Assistant

1. To begin The Stewards Assistant quest you will need to head over to Burg Schönsee and speak to the Steward.
Coordinates: (X 217, Y 124, Z -57)


2. The Steward will give you a list of the five people you will need to speak to:


3. To begin, head back to Schönsee Village and speak to the General Storekeeper.
Coordinates: (X 222, Y 96, Z -186)

3a. Once speaking to her, you will need to collect 4 beetroots, to get these beetroots there will be a small farm across from the seasoning stall.
Coordinates: (X 234, Y 94, Z -163)


3b. Once you collect 4 beetroots head back to the General Storekeeper and give her the beetroots.

4. Next, you will head over to the Butcher, once you leave the general store, head east and the Butcher will be right by the general store.

4a. When speaking to the Butcher, he will ask you to sharpen his knife. Head over to the Blacksmith and she will sharpen his knife.

4b. Once the knife is sharpened by the blacksmith, head over to the Butcher and give him the sharpen knife.

5. Next, head over to the season stall and talk to the stallkeeper. Once you finished the dialogue with the Stallkeeper, head south over to the tavern.
Coordinate: (X 233, Y 92, Z -136)


6. Talk to the Tavern Keeper and she'll tell you to speak to the Barmaid.

6a. Once you speak to the Barmaid you will have to speak to the Drunkard in the back of the tavern, keep talking to the Drunkard until you get the option to knock him out. Do so.

6b. Talk to the Barmaid and after that head south to talk to the Fish Merchant.

7. Once you talk to the Fish Merchant you have now completed the Stewards Assistant, head back toward the Steward to complete the quest.

Freedoms Path

1. Once you finish The Stewards Assistant, go back and talk to the five NPC's listed above. After they vouch for you, go back to the Elder.

2. Once you spoke to the Elder, he will tell that if you want to purchase your freedom you will need to go back to Burg Schönsee and speak to Graf.
Coordinates: (X 216, Y 123, Z -45)


3. Graf will explain to you that you will need to pay 12.66 Guldens to acquire your freedom.

4. After speaking to Graf, talk to the Elder, to update your title.


Once you finished talking to the Elder, congratulations! You have finally become a Peasant and completed Freedoms Path. The rewards are as shown:

- Title Change: Serf -> Peasant
- Buy properties in Schönsee Village
- Vocations: Militia
- Land Claims: 100
- Able to receive goods from the Steward by talking to him. (Daily Quest)
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