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Here are some quick stuff on what we've finished doing this last week as well as things getting worked on this weekend:
- Cinematic Complete
- Replaced Essentials
- Replaced Holograms
- Implemented Custom Maps as Custom Items
- Implemented mob "Wild" trait
- Implemented mob "Docile" trait
- Fixed Skin Display Issue
- Implemented NPCs that disappear on quest completion
- Fixed Spawning Issue
- Fixed Mob Despawn Issue
- Fixed Spawnpoints Spawning in Air
- Optimized Spawning Code and Mechanics
- Implemented Crayfish Recipes
- Implemented New Items: Bucket of Horse Urine, Cooked Crayfish, Crayfish Soup

We'll be releasing screenshots of the outlaw settlement quite soon, it is coming along really great, we're also celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the completion of our first village (Schonsee) or otherwise known by you guys as the lake village, showcasing the build process.