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Our developers are starting to return from their finals now, we're also trialing yet another developer and things are looking good, here is an update roadmap for the next month or so. As we're adding lots of content, fixing stuff and testing out things, server restarts will be too frequent this weekend to allow for productive gameplay for you guys (expecting server restarts every 3-5 minutes), so we'll have to unfortunately postpone this week's open weekend as well.

June 23 - Smessie returns
June 23 - New Developer Starts Trial
- Fixing NPC Skin Issue
- Implementing Light Emitting Items
- Fireworks/Banners/Paintings as Base Items
- Head Stacking Bugs
- Combat Stance Reset Bug
- Mob Spawning Issue
- Potions

June 30 - Marten Returns
- Dialogue Alpha Build
- Various Fixes and Polishing
- Random Events (Mining Gas and Fishing Whirlpool)

July 5
- Most Bugs Eliminated
- Ranks Implemented
- Music Implemented
- Dialogue Beta
- World Engine 2.0 Started

July 15
- Dialogue Fully Polished
- Rank Quests all Enabled

July 23
- World Engine 2.0 Alpha