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The plan for this week is to get combat completely smoothed out, this should be done within the next 1-2 days as well as polishing and smoothing out issues we found last week with our existing systems (which was a lot).

NPC wise we will be polishing shop off, last week players got to sell and buy items but this is not our intended GUI and was meant to be temporary, this weekend we will have a very beautiful shop system up and running with our dynamic stock levels and pricing to reflect supply and demand. This has taken a bit longer than we expected which means we only have 3 days to try get Citizenry (Mobs), Combat and Mob Drops ready, most likely it will be implemented during the weekend or implemented as a basic placeholder system.

We also are working on a better NPC interaction GUI, this will be released this week. Although this is one of the reasons that mobs might not be ready this weekend, it also saves us a lot of work and allow the implementation of pickpocketing with only 1-2 days work next week.
Recipes wise we are rebalancing success chance, experience, polishing issues we had with some recipes not working and adding sounds for all recipes - the result will be a much more immersive crafting process.
Below are screenshots of build progress, we just finished another unique build at the farming village and we are now working on the village port, which will be the location of one of our first fast travel options in the server (aimed to finish next week as well).

Look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!
(Hopefully we can get enough done to clear everyone's skills + inventories to start never clearing inventories / skills this weekend onwards, we still need to balance bird's nests, caskets, gems and some other inventory related "legacy" items.)