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Hope everyone enjoyed Hegemony this weekend! Thanks to everyone's support we were able to push out many new functions.

The Thieving Guild shop is underway, and instead of Guldens it uses Items which you can gain on Thieving tasks as currency. The Thieving set is our first bonus adding set, each piece adds a 1% success chance to pickpocketing!


We've taken the opportunity to build a couple more farmhouses too! These cosy dwellings are situated along the Inns River, near the Clay and Sand settlement.


We've also completely balanced the prices, merchanting price of all pelt based items and will be moving onto Leather working very soon, expect 3 new armour types that give bonuses to ranged accuracy. The quartermaster also has now stopped buying Bronze items to better fit our profit curve of Artisan skills losing money, he now also buys Lynx Pelt items!

With this Tailoring focused update, we've also implemented Alpine Foxes and Brown Bears into the world. Brown Bears are not to be trifled with, if you see one...run! This adds a lot of mob diversity to the weekend with the 10+ Humanoid mob types we added to the world and the rebalance of drops to make combat more meaningful


This coming week we will be working on 2 new quests, Thieving Guild tasks, and a brand new mine situated high in the alps, more farming houses enabled. Overall plans for this month is fully fleshing our Thieves Guild, Farming Tasks for the Hofsteden Quartermaster, at least 6 new quests, Leatherworking, construction of Innsbruck, rebalance of ranged combat and more!

Stay tuned!