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Hey everyone!

Sorry for the late post, this actually wasn't planned this time but things have been so hectic with updates and new features as well as project management it completely slipped my mind we entered a new month.

Shameless advertisement first of all, for the price of 1 - 2 coffees per week, you could really support our development by subscribing using the $20 option / month (plus a nifty Discord tag)! We post exactly every month what your contribution is spent on so you know how you are directly assisting with the development!

Patreon Link: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=13615287

There is a stretch goal which once reached will result in us streaming development every weekend for several hours! Immediate goals would be to basically get a full time artist to work on skins, armour assets and textures.

But this has worked out quite well for us considering that we had an open weekend last weekend to give everyone a sneak peek of incoming 2.2.0 features. Everyone that made it had great fun beating (or dying) to the boss and playing around with rusty keys for opening abandoned vaults with!

The boss was balanced using our new combat formula, and all the mobs will be balanced and implemented using the new formula by next weekend. The formula is much more robust and even low levels stand a chance of hitting the boss and the boss being able to make his way through even tougher armour rather than a complete mitigation. The kill time took approximately 12 minutes which is also an ideal time frame for an instance or boss based activity, all in all we are very pleased how this turned out and the fight will not need rebalancing.
Valuable feedback including giving the boss more skills and that is indeed our plan, starting with simple things like chance to do AOE attacks, or do knockbacks with future bosses potentially able to stun you, poison you or cause bleeding.

For Ser Prised we will be adding a sweep attack for him which deals AOE damage, this should be in within 2 weeks time. Other bosses we plan on adding for 2.2.0 will utilize things such as poison, knockback and more!

Heres a more detailed video below on the process:

This last month we also introduced crafting grid recipes which is akin to "use item with item" and will serve as the basis of many recipes that do not need crafting stations. We also released the much anticipated custom enchants system and many of those that turned up for the boss fight managed to loot a mould that uses less coal.
You will be able to get these custom enchant items amongst other goodies from abandoned vaults, bosses and in the future instances. Here is a short video demonstrating the system as well as dynamic lighting:

Durabiliy is also now a thing for custom enchantment items, we are planning to extend this to weapons and armours (but not normal tools) to increase economy supply and demand mechanics.

Instead of listing what we plan on doing this month in our Behind the Scenes like we traditionally do, this month's plan will be in a 2.2.0 version changelog/update that will be within the coming two weeks.

Stay tuned!