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Apologies for this news post being almost a week late, we were so occupied in developing new content with our new mechanics that we totally forgot about this post and thought that we had already written one!

As we're really busy and excited to going back to adding in features (for example today we're loading in a couple of new songs to the game, creating mobs, rebalancing economy and such) we're going to keep this month's post relatively short and picture heavy.

This week we will be working on completing the details on the lake village, adding another path to a hunting hamlet, implementing all the shops even if skins are not ready (we will use placeholder skins) and introducing a bunch of cool and interesting mobs.

The next step is terraforming the valley with a variety of trees including birch, oak, yew as well as more hemp locations by the riverside. The next step is creating a cheese making hamlet in the alps, some more lore related locations in the alps and then our major focus: redoing Innsbruck.

There will be a more detailed economy balance related news coming out in a few days.