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Happy Spring!

This month we have many planned features that will be developed, among the most notable is the optimization of our current plugins resulting in a lot less resources used by the server.

We will be completely overhauling World Engine and be finally making Citizenry. The main priority plugin development wise this month is allowing players to harvest various resources from the map so that includes implementation of mobs, our unique woodcutting, mining and fishing systems.

Textures wise, we are going extremely well with already two weapon models completed, the Bastard Sword was shown in a news article below and we will now reveal the battle-axe.

Builds wise, we have almost finished our latest hamlet across the lake of the main village, this hamlet has a charcoal kiln as well as a smelter so players returning from the mine laden with ores can process all their ores quickly and easily in this location. World wise we will be enlarging the world by another 1,200 x 600 comprising of an alphine valley with a river running through which will be the location of our first town as well as large swathes of farmland where players can gather various crops and train their farming skill.

Items wise we have completed the making of all bow entries and will be moving to make all entries for crossbows, arrows and bolts. Once that is completed our Archivists will be moving on to make the various recipes for creating these items under the Fletching artisan skill.

Quests and Skin wise we have stepped up efforts to recruit writers and skin artists to begin the planning of NPC skins and quests once the Citizenry plugin is ready. We hope to open the server with all these core features in place by no later than late June (optimally mid June).

A quick note due to recent actions regading Mojang enforcing EULA. We are a server that always intended to be one that offered equal opportunities to players and not being at all pay-to-win. Our original intent was to comply with the EULA anyways and only offer players the ability to purchase cosmetic / quality of life items that do not directly impact game-play so the recent actions by Mojang do not affect us.

In a nushell, we have always intended to be compliant to and will be commited to continue to be compliant to the EULA.

Huge thanks to everyone for following us and your patience.