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Hello everyone!

We didn't quite get everything in time last month especially quest wise, we have a new writer now and the script for one of the new quests has been written, it will be imported as a quest in May --- this is one of the key storyline quests for the region.
Anyways, this month's behind the scenes will be a bit light on screens as we've either already shown you guys the progress or it is not ready for showing yet.

There is very good news, Items 2.0 is almost ready, we will be converting everyone's banks and items to the new format --- rest assured your legacy items will be converted to the new format upon login so no items will be lost.

This new system is due for initial testing mid this week, where we will test all aspects of the server, the result is that the process is much cleaner and smoother on the backend and allows us to enable the following immediately:

- Custom rolls on equipment
This means when you craft something, the values you get for example the accuracy of the weapon, damage, defence value or movespeed malus/bonus is randomized, perfect stat gear will be harder to craft --- this replaces masterwork variants of weapons.
This also paves the way for us to enchant the custom enchantment system which is scheduled to be due in mid-May. This will tie in with our clue scrolls and abandoned vault system due in during the second half of this month. You will be able to find both powerful and useful items such as ones that gives you chance to mine double the ore, snatch bait from fish etc.

Other mechanics such as farming and customizing rentals are progressing nicely too and should be implemented this month as well.
Planned Content Updates
We plan the following content for this month:
- Storyline Quest x 1
- Regional Quest x 2
- More Structures for Innsbruck
- Leatherworking
- Combat Rebalance (Formulas all written, balancing individual gears now)
- Light emitting items (With decay)
- Treasure Trials
- 10 Custom Enchanments
- Leather Armour
- More NPCs
- More Ores (Potentially a new Coal Mine)
Looking forward to a productive month! Lot's of screenshots and news updates incoming this month due to a lack of screenshots in this post.