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Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delayed behind the scenes for this month but we wanted to get everything we wanted in, and everything we have planned confirmed before we announce them

First of all, yesterday we completed our world expansion, extending the world by an area of 1,000 x 2,000 blocks. The Alpine regions have been extended east-wards and the alps have also been extended on the southern part of the map, enlarging the valley for our first town build: Innsbruck.
World Expansion - Full Image

Above labelled are the currently planned settlements that and structures in this new area.
Here is a screen we took of Innsbruck now new building site's backdrop:

Expect more details of our build schedule and screenshots closer to the end of the month as there are still thousands of trees to plant (if interested in helping paste trees send us a ping no Discord!)
Content - March
We have lots of code planned for March and here are is the tentative schedule:
Week One:
- Rental System
- World Engine 2.0
- Trade Fixes
- Custom Equipment GUI
- Tool Belt

Week Two:

- Custom Enchants (eg Chance to mine an extra ore)
- Editing Rental Furniture
- Tournament Grounds

Week Three:

- Custom Tablist Displaying Skills
- Treasure Hunting

Week Foour:

- Custom Farming
- Big Farming Update (seeds, recipes and farm plots)
- Combat Overhaul (complete rebalance)

Looking forward to a productive month with you all!