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The addition of two new developers have really sped things up and we have made excellent progress in the last month, we have made so much progress that this month's 'Behind the Scenes' will start with a recap on all the progress that happened in the last month:
- Optimized Crafting and Items
- Implemented "Chest" Items
- Implemented Weaponsmithing
- Implemented Armoursmithing
- Implemented Herblore
- Custom Icons (non-texture pack) for some items
- Skills GUI
- Farming Update (Crops and vegetables)
- Drinking Items
- Status Effects
- Brewing and Alcohol
- Farming Village 50% Complete
- World Engine Optimization
- Optimized Woodcut (Whole tree gets chopped now)
- World Engine Water Interaction
- Sound Effects for most Recipes
- Implemented 152 new recipes
- Implemented 143 new items
- Various Bug Fixes

This month our plugin development will be focused on further optimizing World Engine, and begin work on developing the following plugins: Citizenry, Banking, Respawn and Combat. We will also be updating our System plugin to support server-wide experience boosts for future events. We look forward to a month of a tonne of content updates for you guys and getting that much closer to being ready for the open weekend and eventual server opening.

Here are some screens of the newly implemented features for those that were not able to make the tour:

Builds wise we are also doing great, with steady progress been made on the farming village, it should be completed either this weekend or during next week. The stuff we left have to do are several unique builds and more houses:

- Workshop
- Church
- Windmill
- Townhall
- Market Area
- Stables
- Village Port
- Fields
- Trees
- ~15-20 more houses

This is shaping up to be the most beautiful village with many unique designs, the lessons learnt from this build might be applied back to existing builds where things can be spruced up a lot. After this we will get back to working on Innsbruck as the main project and things on the side such as Bandit Outposts, outlying Hamlets and such.

Those that made it on the tour saw our new "Chest" feature in action with the opening of barrels of alcohol and recieving mugs from it. This is a simila mechanic to the resource gathering part of Herblore, players can forage for things such as herbs on the main map, the herbs come dirty and unidentified, the player must use the Herblore skill to identify the various herbs, some requiring really high levels to identify:

We look forward to a really fruitful month of developments. We hope that everyone is doing well in life and are just busy with things as we have noticed a clear decline in turnout for tours in the last few weeks.

Let us March forward to a most magnificant March!