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Apologies for the late Behind the Scenes update but we wanted to wait for some critical features to be in place before announcing it to everyone.

Earlier this month we implemented the much anticipated custom equipment system which also includes the toolbelt which is a very nice quality of life feature for everyone, you can place up to 4 tools in your toolbelt and they will be as if in your inventory when crafting.

Builds wise we are working on Innsbruck and added a new structure as well as two more planned structures for the town. We will also begin work on one more Hamlet, a burg and monastry.

Code wise we hope to make a start on the revamping of the objectives system, and continue working out the bugs in the equipment system and polish off rental and rent customization systems and make a start on farming.

Art wise we are going well we ordered some pretty nifty GUI buttons and also armour set art so look forward to a texture pack update soon!