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Hello everyone!

Very belated Behind the Scenes post as we have been so busy with implementing Content Update 2.3.0 and the subsequent patches 2.3.1, 2.3.1a and 2.3.1b that we have not had time to type up a news post.
The new streamlined and slick tutorial really helps in introducing newcomers to our complex game mechanics and have been great for retention, there will most likely be more quests in the future involving Lena!

We are very glad to see everyone enjoying this content update so much and a big welcome to new players! We are extremely pleased with how well we were able to implement everything on time and seeing everyone customize their houses, engaging with the new quest lines and rank up systems.

Farming still has some issues and bugs that we will be smoothing out in Patch 2.3.2 which we aim to have done by the end of this long weekend, the patch will also hopefully include our first job quests, more hotspots and decorations for your properties and mobs. We might also introduce another quest during this time based on how quickly we can get models for the quest NPCs ready.

This quest which is already under way code wise is one of the storyline quests where players will be able to actually influence the politics an events that happen ingame --- so make your choices wisely.

All in all a very successful January, hope everyone is having fun!

The next Behind the Scenes will be in 4 days time where we will go through our planned content and rough schedule for Content Update 2.4.0.