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Apologies for the delay in writing this month's behind the scenes but I have been extremely busy due to mid-terms this week. In the month of January we achieved many things such as the polishing of existing plugins (Items, Crafting and World Engine) as well as the adding of more items and recipes.
One of the key things we managed to finish is the Database plugin which handles the experience tables, player levels and experience gain, meaning players are now able to gain experience in the relevant skill when doing certain things and level up their skills. Recipes wise we have now the following recipes implemented into the server:
  • Toppings
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Soups
  • Stews
  • Pies
  • Desserts
January also marked the start of our work on our NPC plugin named “Citizenry” so far we have created the artificial intelligence that allows NPCs to path-find, patrol within a certain area at random and attack. The Citizenry Plugin when completed will be highly complex and allow players to hire NPCs to do a variety of things such as shop-keeping for the player.
This month we will mainly focus on further updating and configuring World Engine, implementing more items and recipes and probably start work on Weaponsmithing items and recipes. We will also continue developing the Citizenry plugin for it to be sufficiently developed for server release mid-March.
Architecture wise we have finished designing the town styled house design and the main focus of building is creation of the terrain, once that is done we can quickly build villages as we already have the necessary designs and planning.
So far, we are roughly on track for our 15th March 2016 opening but there might be a possible one week delay for testing and debugging purposes.