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World Settings Plugin
This month we are pleased to announce the development of our unique world settings plugin. This plugin will allow us to replace all vanilla drops with our custom item drops, unique region flags and biome settings. As an example, one area might be configured to have wheat crops drop Wheat Grain and another configured to drop Barley Grain depending on the geographical location. This plugin will give life to the game world by dictating what a particular area produces in the form of game meats, fish and of course crops.

Crafting Refinement
We have refined our crafting and items plugin after the expected teething problems of testing newly created plugins (still some refining to do). Both plugins are not operating smoothly and our Archivists are working hard to create new item entries and recipe entries into our databases. Threads have been created in workshop forum where you can provide your feedback, suggestions and inputs to what items and recipes you want to see in Hegemony.

Tutorial Village
Our author Tia has also begun work on creating the village outline and rough story line of the tutorial village which would aim to ease players into our unique server with many non-vanilla features and custom plugins. It will teach players how to interact with the world and most importantly how to craft as well introduce players to the grand story line of the server lore.

Miscellaneous News
We are still working on polishing the tournament plugin but due to changes in the plans of our partner servers, we will be delaying the inaugural tournament sometime early next year. We are also experimenting with flight mechanics that will allow us to fill the server with bird-life that players may hunt.

Construction Updates
Our build team has been working hard on finishing up the castle, we have also begun work on planning the layout and construction of the tutorial village with our writing department and that village along with the quest and tutorial should be done soon.