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It is finally December! We are looking forward to a period of high productivity as soon as our development team finish off with exams and such. This past month we've been mainly continuing to balance the economy and mobs, however after 3 weeks of 5hrs a day staring at spreadsheets I took a much needed break to work on buildings:

In December we're working on the following areas:
- Finishing polishing of World Engine 2.0 and testing
- Starting on Citizenry 2.0
- Full implementation of Leatherworking
- Full implementation of mobs and shops
- Construction of outlying Alpine Hamlets
- Implementation of Ingame Music

We've picked up 2 part-time and 1 full-time skin artist and 1 full-time developer recently to help speed things up.

New Mechanic
Tourney Grounds
Those with sharp eyes might have noticed a large development on our map, the construction of a Tourney Ground, the mechanics will be as follows:

- The arena is PvP enabled
- The arena contains high level hard mobs
- The mobs do not drop items
- You may speak to the Lord of Burg Hofsteden based on amount of defeated enemies to claim rewards

This should add some spice to the server in terms of money making and combat content, as well as open up PvP options for more combat orientated players.

Quality of Life Update

As most of you have at some point in the server have tried traversing the mountain in an attempt at a shortcut to get to the mines, we have implemented a tunnel from the lake edge that leads directly to the mines. The tunnel has a few tin and copper deposits in it too.

Lore: Surveyors found promising traces of valuable ores in the hills opposite Schonsee Village, however after further excavation the ores were found to be marginal. Instead of letting the labour go to waste, the trial excavation was turned into a tunnel linking the mines with the lake.

The mouth of the tunnel is a hut with an old man, the quest will soon be implemented where helping the old man will result in very interesting rewards...it it rumoured he has a powerful pickaxe but is now too old for the mines...

In other construction news, one night I came home, ready to balance mobs and prices, but was so sick of it and thought to myself: I will take a short 5 minute building break, well that break turned into 2hrs and well....now we accidentally have a tavern:

In other news, new skin completed by one of our new skin artists, the Butcher is a key quest NPC