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Hello everyone!

We had more off-time than we expected this past month plugins wise due to dev's having to go on vacations. The goal is still to get dialogue polished and running soonish. Things we're working on right now code-wise are fixing bugs with existing plugins such as double grass (hemp) issues, interact/pickpocket cooldowns, title message display, holographic displays (tutorial) and various mob related issues.

We'll get those out of the way as soon as possible so we can begin working on newer plugins such as World Engine 2.0 (more types of materials can be gathered from same block), website updates (landing page and working rankings page) and of course dialogue.

Game Content
We have already started improving the economy with different things that you can sell, this will be ongoing this month with many new shops and items.

For example, we recently introduced the "Fishwife" she buys for example raw fish (single units) so new players do not need to wait to crate fish in order to sell, and sells cooked fish (for those lazy and wish to grind combat).

Things such as existing shops have also been improved, basic tools are now free, so newcomers who die and lose their kit can get the basic tools from the respective shops:

Other Content
We're also adding in mobs and tonnes of animals such as the various Rabbits, Ibex, Wolves and Boars shortly. More military mobs and of course outlaws which will inhabit the outlaw camp.

Mines wise, there will be two new mines within the first 2 weeks of August, a salt mine and a Bituminous coal mine. We hope everyone is enjoying the ease of mining now that the mining formula has been implemented.

We will also be testing and uploading the 100+ fletching recipes this month as soon as some syntax with ranged projectiles is fixed. Also due to recent changes with bows, your existing bows will not work anymore, you will need to remake them.


We plan on releasing major news and screens of new locations in 2-3 weeks time, for now some teasers of Burg Hofsteden's new cellar: