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We wanted to wait a couple of days after April 1st so that this post would not be misunderstood as an April Fool's joke.
This focus of this month's content update primarily focuses on the overhauling of the items system to allow support for many future features.

The rough plan features wise is still:
- Overhaul items which then unlocks:
1) Custom rolls 2) Custom enchantments 3) Treasure Trials system

- World Engine
There has been some delays with bug fixes to do with rentals, modifier files and region descriptions and some fishing issues. We will be dealing with this asap (mid this week) so we can move onto:
1) Hotspots (allows customization of rentals) and 2) Farming (using seeds to plant things - very useful)

Content update wise we have a lot planned with a heavy focus on herblore, including the very useful utility potions for increasing move speed and arm swing speed so definitely a skill worth investing in.

This is the tentative plan for this month:

- Implement 20 new herbs (already done at the time of this post)
- Implement 50 potions and their recipes
- New mobs: Jaeger, Bandits, Longbowman, Cows, Pigs, Ducks, Outlaws, Lumberer, Salt Miner, Salt Guards
(We will be fleshing out the outlaw's settlement).
- New shops
(Including a bartering system for the outlaw settlement where you would be able to get valuable herbs...if you earn their trust)
- At least 5 new quests, 3 will be based in Schonsee, and potentially up to 4 at the outlaws village.
- A major storyline quest
- Pathing between Alpine and Farming region (already done as of this post)
- Construction of a Lumber Hamlet (already done as of this post)
- More outlying hamlets between Schonsee and the Outlaw Settlement
- NPCs wise we will be implementing: The Graf, Lumberjacks, Miners, Longbowmen, Jaegers, Lumbercamp Foreman
- New Crafting Station (Sawbench)
- New Recipes Carpentry (will be needed for customizing rentals with furniture)
- Treasure Trials
- Boss Summoning Mechanics
- Custom Enchantments (eg chance to use less coal when smelting)
- Custom Equip Slots for Gloves, Rings and Necklaces
- Complete combat formula and value overhaul
- Tournament Arena Mechanics
- A few more buildings for Innsbruck (Warehouse, Cathedral and Bank)
- Overhauling herb drops (already implemented as of this post)
- Creating more rentals
- Implementing custom music
- Implementing leatherworking and leather armours
- Various bug fixes
- Implemented an extremely beautiful and big hearted Princess
This is an extremely tight schedule considering we have ~6 quests planned, which means almost 2 released per week! (each quest takes approximately 20 man hours to implement).
All in all a very busy and exciting month for us, see you all ingame!
Heres some screenshots of the woodcutting hamlet which was recently completed which includes a certain "establishment"