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We have finally decided on the style of terrain that we will have in the server. We opted for a realistic feel that strives to maintain the vanilla Minecraft feel and at the same time breathtaking design that looks amazing both upfront and from a distance. The map also had to be survival friendly given that there will be no fly for travelling ingame (there will be a /scenary mode where the player can fly but cannot interact with the world and are teleported back to their start location after exiting this mode)

We found all of the above in the designs by GGJ16 and hope that we can convince him to create some more terrain for us or perhaps even joining the development team. The below screens are what will be used for West Österreich, where the mountains and valleys with breathtaking snow covered slopes will be.

Painted by GGJ16 using World Painter.


__MrMeeseeks Annalist sexy af
Mikuawesomeness Annalist Now this just looks extremely awesome!
Vhongrad It looks absolutely wonderful. I hope we get to see some cozy, snow-laden villages here in West Österreich!