Upcoming Combat Overhaul

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Hello everyone!

Taking the opportunity while the server is crashed to write this post, we're planning to completely overhaul combat and if you have had the opportunity to join in on the
testing you would have found that mob drops from combat is much more rewarding and fun!

We're working on overhauling the combat system to be more situational and interesting! Every weapon will get a special attack, special attacks consume the special
attack bar which refills slowly. Rondels, Poignard and Anelaces for example will have Hinger, Cripple and Bleed respectively.

Different weapons will be used for different situations, in boss fights having a group with different weapons and special attacks is very advantageous! We're also working
on improving mob locations, adding tonnes more mobs with rewarding drops in such as Militia Recruit, Spearman, Veteran, Jaeger, Bandits, Outlaws and more!

The winners of the access from the "What we are working on post" (drawn randomly via random number...

What we have been working on

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Hello everyone!

Quick update on what we have been working on these last few days since the announcement, most obviously we have fixed a tonne of bugs that our players have found from playtesting.

One key content we have now enabled is the Forgery skill, all the required materials can be gained and you can forge Tattered Orders of Purveyance! This item allows you to put any item we have balanced the price for with the Order of Purveyance and turn it into guldens (for a better price than you would get at a shop) and also provide merchanting experience.


We're also setting up all rentals again and will start with Schonsee, you will be able to rent and decorate these houses, as well as fast-travel to your properties from any settlement. These allow you to build crafting stations that you otherwise would not be present in the town, allow you to build stoves which have less burn chance than open fires, and furniture which generate various items. Later...

Announcing: Hegemony

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Hello everyone!

We've announced Hegemony, help us spread the word!

A big thanks to MassivelyOP and MMOHuts for covering our announcement:


We will be turning off Whitelist when server is not overloaded for everyone (first come first server basis) between now and our full release to show progress.

Thanks everyone for making this happen!

Behind the Scenes - August

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Hey everyone!

We have got a lot done in the month of July, implementing lore objects, more world interaction, more NPCs, mobs and quests and especially the fleshing out of the Militia system.

We've implemented a lot of backend functions that unlock a lot of features, this month's Behind the Scenes is extremely brief as we're super stretched on time to meet our planned announcement date.

We'll be replacing this post with our announce post shortly!

Behind the Scenes - July

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Hello everyone!

Server is now back in a state that can be play-tested, we did a lot of work refactoring code to update the server to 1.14 and it has definitely paid off in terms of AI performance!
Backend Infrastructure
This month in terms of content we worked on three very important pieces of backend infrastructure.
1) Server backend infrastructure for load management
This is important for when we release that allows us to scale to meet our expected player count.
2) More world interaction
You will be able to interact more directly with the world with our latest backend infrastructure. Such as searching haystacks and bookshelves to pickpocketing market stalls.
3) Packs and Patrols
Special mobs will spawn as a pack and travel around the world, these could be for example tax collectors, wandering merchants, or caravans and such.
Sell Menu Improvements

We've upgraded the sell...