Farming Revamp Plan and Whitelist Extension

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Hey folks!

First of all Whitelist off period will be extended till next Monday due to the whitelist giveaway event. To enter simply solve Treasure Clues ingame (they drop randomly from humanoid mobs) if you are stuck on the clue have a go asking on forums/Discord!

Farming Revamp Plan

We've increased the scope of the farming revamp plan so it is taking about 2-3x longer than we originally planned for. The revamp will focus on two goals:

- Making Farming more Accessible
- Making Farming more Rewarding

We are in the midst of implementing complex backend tech that will allow player specific blocks, this means that we can have public farmland in addition to private, where on public farmland you will only see and be able to interact with your own crops.

We will be increasing the role of food that uses farmed goods such as vegetables and making farming the only reliable way to get late game herbs. We are also implementing spice farming which should unlock many useful recipes...

Behind the Scenes - October

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Hello folks!

Another month of development has gone by and we've made many many new balance changes and optimizations to gameplay that makes the game more enjoyable. Most notably a complete overhaul of Smelting, Armoursmithing, Weaponsmithing, Pelts, and Tailoring.

Smelting, Armoursmithing and Weaponsmithing should feel a lot more rewarding grinding on mid-level (Cast Iron) recipes now and should be the bread and butter way to train the skills more efficiently in terms of cost, whereas the higher recipes are more efficient only in experience / hr and should only really be chosen as a training option for extremely rich players.

We did a stock-take of the resources some items were consuming to make and simplified a few recipes down to make them more logical. With this update of course, it means that all prices of existing items need to be rebalanced, we have finished the calculation part and will be implementing the new values into the game shortly.

This month we also introduced a...

Clue Scrolls, Mobs, Combat and Upcoming Content

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Hello everyone!

This has been a very hectic week stamping out bugs but we wanted to make sure bugs were properly stamped out before we go ahead and make new content which has caused some delay with new content such as Thieving Guild, new quests and clue scrolls.

The following are what we have been working on over the last week (outside of the many many bugs we fixed an optimizations we made):

- Constructed a Bandit Encampment which will be the future sight of a new quest, ability to join bandits and join in on the banditry (at the expense of positive reputation), and our first agility course (soon to be implemented).



- We implemented a new short quest that rewards you with a bank vault upgrade once completed due to players running into bank space issues.
- A complete refactor of Smithing
- Simplified and streamlined the tutorial


Treasure Clues


Behind the Scenes - November

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Item Database

The Items Plugin has been complete. We are now working hard to create the thousands of items including hundreds of weapons and armours that will be present in Hegemony. Items will feature unique historical names and descriptions as well as an option to run the examine command on the item for more descriptive information on the item. The completion of our Items Plugin means that we can begin work on our Crafting Plugin which uses and ties into the Items Plugin.


The crafting plugin will feature thousands of recipes in thirteen professions, players would need to have the correct ingredients, crafting levels and other factors such as being beside an anvil or holding a particular tool such as a hammer or chisel. Crafting experience can be gained by creating things within the profession with higher crafting levels having more advanced recipes unlocked, lower failure chances and higher critical success chances...