Rules and Standards of Player Conduct for Roleplaying on Hegemony

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Rules and Standards of Player Conduct for Roleplaying on Hegemony

1. Whitelist Application Rules and Requirements

§1.1: Applicants must be thirteen years of age or older.
§1.2: Whitelist applications must be written in English, and applicants must use correct grammar and punctuation.
§1.3: Applicants may edit and resubmit rejected whitelist applications.
§1.4: While applicants are highly encouraged to take inspiration from history, players may not roleplay historical figures.
§1.5: Applicants may not roleplay noblemen or royalty.
§1.6: Characters must be eighteen years of age or older.
§1.7: Characters’ names must fit their cultural backgrounds.
§1.8: Whitelist applications must include the following items: the applicant’s in-game name, a unique explanation of metagaming and powergaming, the name, age, sex, religion, and cultural background of the applicant’s character, a brief physical description of the applicant’s character, a list of his, her, or their personality traits and flaws, and a 150- to 300-word character biography.
• Characters must be Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, Muslim, Jewish, or nonaffiliated.
• Characters must hail from the Kingdom of Österreich, Preussen, Françia, Angland, Scotia, Cambria, or Éire.

2. Player Integrity and Roleplay Rules

§2.1: Players may not participate in metagaming or powergaming.
§2.2: Roleplay must be consistent with Hegemony’s setting and lore.
• Players may not introduce technologies or ideas that profoundly alter the cultural and political landscape of the game world, although character decisions might have far-reaching effects.
§2.3: Characters must occupy the same physical space in order to engage with one another.
§2.4: Players must use dice to determine the success or impact of a given action.
§2.5: Players may not participate in sexually explicit roleplay.
• Implicit consensual sexual activity and sexual flirtation are allowed between characters that are eighteen years of age or older.
• Paraphilias and nonconsensual sexual activity are strictly forbidden.
§2.6: In-character religious conflicts are allowed, but sexist and racist behaviours are strictly forbidden, regardless of the historical accuracy of these behaviours.
§2.7: Players must consent to the death of their characters.
• Characters will be knocked unconscious in combat if players do not consent to the death of their characters.
• Players who participate in activities that could result in their characters’ execution, such as theft or murder, automatically consent to the death of their characters in the event of arrest and conviction.

3. In-Game Chat Rules

§3.1: Players must use English in private and public channels. Staff members might not be able to efficiently resolve disputes or effect punishments if players use other languages.
• Non-English words and terminology may be used for roleplay purposes.
§3.2: Defamation, harassment, and bullying are strictly forbidden.
§3.3: Players may not advertise out-of-game services, projects, such as YouTube videos, or other Minecraft servers in private or public channels.
§3.4: Players may not spam, use all-caps, or swear excessively in public channels.
• Players may use an asterisk (*) or slash character (/) before and and after a word or phrase to show emphasis, or an exclamation point at the end of sentence to indicate high volume.
§3.5: Players should refrain from speaking out-of-character in public channels.
• Roleplay administrators, facilitators, and event coördinators may speak out of character in public channels in order to satisfy their responsibilities efficiently.