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What is Hegemony

1533 – Europa is in turmoil. New ideas are ushering in an era of innovation, of conflict…and of opportunity. Master trades, acquire wealth and rise to the rank of nobility.

Hegemony is a classic-style MMORPG that combines unique gameplay features and Minecraft’s sandbox mechanics to deliver an unparalleled experience.

An unmodified Minecraft client is all that is required to play. No download required.

We aim to create a contiguous world with a living breathing economy, and mechanics that build on and integrate heavily with each other.

Master the Trades

Farming, Hunting, Cooking, Mining, Smithing, Fletching, Tailoring, Merchanting, Thieving, Forgery and many more!

Train any 30+ skills spread across Combat, Gathering, Processing and Artisan categories at will in a system without classes or professions.

Fully Fledged Items System

Offering an indepth items system consisting of 1000+ items and 600+ recipes integrated seamlessly in a balanced economy system with many points of consumption.

Hover-over items for details.

Deep Combat Mechanics

A combat system not bound by class or skilltrees. Choose your weapon, armour and supplies that best fits the situation you face.

Daggers, Swords, Polearms, Bows, Crossbows, Chainmail to Fullplates, each have advantages and each their own drawbacks.

Hover-over items for details.

Historical Incidents and New Ages

Hegemony is designed to be constantly updated with a mix of mini and mega expansions.

Historical Incidents are events that add temporary storylines and completely new gameplay mechanics which are then added to the world after the incident has passed based on how the incident was interacted with.

Dawn of a New Age mega-expansions that progress the lore of the entire world, adding new settlements, nations, and continents worth of content.

Engrossing Storylines

Non-linear storylines that combines straightforward with more complex quests which requires you to solve cryptic clues read between the lines and manipulate the situation.

Complete regional quests to familiarize yourself with the local populace or embark on grand national epics, ascend the social ladder and influence the direction of the world.

Expansive Open World

Explore a beautifully handcrafted world from spectacular Alpine peaks to expansive valleys. Discover Hamlets, Villages and Towns with a realistic dark-medieval vibe.

Uncover the many secrets in the world, find hidden hideouts and stake your own claim in the world.

Properties and Free-Build

Rent properties in the main world, decorate them to your tastes and have adventurers flock to your shop for the best wares.

Stake a land claim in the wilderness, free-build and subdivide your property, founding villages and towns.

Support Us

Hegemony is a passion project and has been in development for close to 4 years. We believe in a game founded upon a solid items system on which deep and interwined game mechanics are built.

Support us in the vision of creating a deep and imersive classic-styled MMORPG. Tell your friends, family and even your weird classmate about us.

Or support us by making a direct contribution to our development efforts with a Supporter Bundle, every bit counts.

Thank you for your support!