28 March 2020

From Hegemony

Post-release updates. Fixes to recipes and many balances.

Deploying Version v1.0.0a

  • Fixed Lena post skip loop
  • Added Bank Rearrange
  • Added Progress Messages for Woodcut/Mining

Deploying Version v1.0.0b

  • Made Skip Tutorial the 2nd button
  • Made Skip Tutorial Red
  • Fixed all Quests not working
  • Reset Quest state and location (sorry)
  • Nerfed fish (by reducing sell margins)
  • Compensated all those that ranked up this time, and from the March 7 launch (Providing you have opened bank at least once, we have no way of adding to those that never opened bank)
  • Fixed an inventory error issue (Potentially solves inventory wiping issue)
  • Fixed an issue where you had to move to mine / woodcut
  • Fixed an issue where if you were partied it would interact with your world interaction
  • Fixed an issue where players joining would cause a lag spike
  • Fixed supporter skins not being able to be used
  • Fixed timed tasks
  • Fixed repeatable tasks
  • Removed all weapon default knockback due to physics
  • Fixed warp taking you to wrong location
  • Fixed Guldens being not depositable
  • Made Lena Skip option the 2nd button
  • Made it even more red so you do not miss it / accidentally skip when you dont want to

Deploying Version v1.0.0b Hotfix 1

  • Fixed a Duplication Bug
  • Fixed talking to Pelt Merchant causing you to be stuck (Innsbruck)

Deploying Verson v1.0.0c

  • Fixed a resource leak
  • Made player options safe async
  • Added resource leak detection
  • Deployed World Instances 10,11,12
  • More Inventory Fixes
  • Added progress messages to mining and woodcutting
  • Added flint to General Store

Deploying Version v1.0.0c Hotfix 1

  • Fixed an issue where Vault Commission were not awarded

Deploying v1.0.0d

  • Improved Prisoner Dialogue
  • Fixed an issue where Cast Iron Bodkin Arrow was Crucible Steel
  • Moved Seasoning Stallkeeper back into her booth
  • Added Gem Dealer back
  • Added shop to Gem Dealer
  • Added Ore Trader NPC
  • Created shop for Ore Trader
  • Added Ore Trader to Innsbruck
  • Added Lamb Carcass
  • Added Lamb Carcass Recipe
  • Added drops to Lambs
  • Fixed visual issue with Join Militia
  • Fixed Buckets and Barrels needing Pig Iron
  • Made improvements to the world
  • Reduced Sheaf tracking
  • Removed Pig Iron from Blacksmith
  • Add teleport to Spawn below 0
  • Make people not suffocate
  • Fix Syncronization Dupe
  • Fix Bank removing more than 1 on rolled Item
  • Little debug for items
  • Dont remove from Itempack if not synced yet
  • Update to latest paper and tuinity versions
  • Disable optimised entity tracker
  • Lower chunks per second

Deploying Version v1.0.0e

  • Reduced stock level of ore trader
  • Increased prices of ores at ore trader
  • Reduced prices of gems
  • Charcoal recipe now gives 1-4 charcoal
  • Charcoal recipe time increased by 1 second
  • Disabled Octavia capers for now
  • Fixed Cast Iron Bodkin Arrow Recipe
  • Increased Clue Scroll chance from Battered Caskets
  • Fixed Blister Steel Bodkin Arrow Recipe
  • Lowered Charcoal buy price for Blacksmith
  • Lowered Chance of Gems from Birdsnests
  • Increased Chance of Clue Scrolls from Birdsnests
  • Lowered Guldens from Treasure Caskets
  • Fixed Straw Beds Recipe
  • Fixed Rough Cloth Bed Recipe
  • Reduced Chance of Birdnests for shorter trees

Deploying Version v1.0.0e Hotfix 1

  • Charcoal now gives 2-4
  • Charcoal recipe reduced by 1 second

Deploying v1.0.0e Hotfix 2

  • Bird nests were not supposed to give multiple gems

Deployed v1.0.0f

  • Sheeps now poop
  • Bulls now poop
  • Cow Manure renamed Manure
  • Fixed Barley Bread Descr
  • Rye Bread can now be eaten
  • Oat Bread can now be eaten
  • Added Raw Quail Cooking Recipe
  • Fixed Serf display stating there are claim blocks for Peasants
  • Increased Charcoal price
  • Increased cow spawn and limit
  • Implemented Dairy cow
  • Added dairy cow to Cheese Hamlet and Telfs
  • Fixed Wrought Iron Ingot bug
  • Added progress message to all ores and logs
  • Update server patches
  • Don't lookup block phasing for NPCs
  • Refresh objective and task parents when needed
  • Fix objective name placeholders
  • Fix trade item dupe
  • Fix Guldens getting deleted in Bank

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