Hegemony only requires you to have an unmodified Minecraft Client using the same version as the server and a Minecraft Account to access all our features.

Hegemony is due to be released in Winter 2019, join our Discord for regular updates and announcements!

Server IP (US): mc.hegemony.xyz
Server IP (EU): mc.hegemony.xyz
Current Version: 1.14.4

To play, simply click Multiplayer, Add Server, Enter the Server IP into the Server Address Box and click Done.

Upon logging in, you will be prompted if you would like to install the automatic texture pack. Select No if you are using the Full Texture Pack already. The automatically installed pack is a Lite version ~25mb in size.

Optional Installations:

An unmodified Minecraft client can access all features and the entire game but there are some optional downloads that can enhance your experience in Hegemony.


Optifine is a highly recommended modification that greatly enhances graphics and improves performance.

Download Link: optifine.net/downloads
Current Version: 1.14.4 HD U F3

To install, simply Double-click the downloaded file and restart your Minecraft Client.

Full Texture Pack

The Full Texture Pack includes many extra textures unique to Hegemony, meant to be used in conjunction with Optifine.

Download Link:
Current Version:

To install, download and extract into your resource pack folder found here:


Activate the resource pack in the client via Options > Resource Packs
It is recommended you disable the server auto texture pack by clicking on Hegemony in the server list, clicking Edit and changing Server Resource Packs to Disabled.

Shaders (Requires Optifine)

Shaders are for more powerful PCs, using ray-tracing and water rendering to bring an unparalleled experience.

To install, download and place into your shader packs folder here: