Mechanic Reveal: Mining

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    Hegemon 3 months ago

    There has been a lot of questions lately on what gathering skills look like towards late game. The example we will be using today is Mining.

    The speed which resources are gathered are pretty linear as in you will not be getting a tonne more ores / hour as your level goes up. As your level goes up, you do unlock more Pickaxes and more ores which you can mine.

    But the core mechanic of mining and chipping away at ores till you extract them will remain the same. We have added progress messages such as "The Ore begins to loosen..." messages and such to these to improve the feel.

    So basically in a nutshell, higher gathering levels will let you gather harder resources, increase the chance of extracting resources, use better tools and also unlock new ways of gathering such as Fishing Trawler (future) for Fishing, Quarrying / Blast Mining (future) for Mining and things such as more industralized and mass-scale smelting methods (future as well).

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    Cygudohe 2 days ago

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