Mechanic Reveal: Fishing and the Role of Food

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    Hegemon 3 months ago

    Fishing was one of my favourite skills to design. The beauty of this skill is that it integrates heavily with the world.


    Fishing Methods and Locations

    Your Fishing Method is determined by your Bait + Rod. There are currently 9 Fishing Tools and 6 Fishing baits.

    Your Location + Fishing Method determines what fish you catch. This means that Fly-fishing in one location compared to another will yield different things, this will be particularly saliant when we launch the expansion which introduces the ocean location.


    Food Consumption

    Fishing is one of the easiest and most straightforward ways of acquiring food, easy to food and process and with high healing. It was designed as the bread-and-butter food for grinding combat.

    In combat you WILL get hit, we do not design with mitigation in mind where you can mitigate all damage. When you are grinding combat you will lose health and to have staying power, you need to bring food.

    Similarly for bosses you not only have to have food, but high healing food as if you are using low healing food, the boss will out-damage your heal speed and that is not productive.


    Special Recipes

    Fish is also used in more special recipes that provide temporary boosts, or are favourite dishes of companions as well as some quest items.


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    Baahl 3 months ago

    This was a good read. I'm pretty hyped for ocean fishing!

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    SkywardStar 3 months ago

    Ocean fishing ay? Time to get level like 90 fishing =D


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    Audrey Smeaton 2 months ago

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