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Hey folks!

First of all Whitelist off period will be extended till next Monday due to the whitelist giveaway event. To enter simply solve Treasure Clues ingame (they drop randomly from humanoid mobs) if you are stuck on the clue have a go asking on forums/Discord!

Farming Revamp Plan

We've increased the scope of the farming revamp plan so it is taking about 2-3x longer than we originally planned for. The revamp will focus on two goals:

- Making Farming more Accessible
- Making Farming more Rewarding

We are in the midst of implementing complex backend tech that will allow player specific blocks, this means that we can have public farmland in addition to private, where on public farmland you will only see and be able to interact with your own crops.

We will be increasing the role of food that uses farmed goods such as vegetables and making farming the only reliable way to get late game herbs. We are also implementing spice farming which should unlock many useful recipes as well.

The high tier herbs are used for Potion of Reflexes which allow you to be immune to damage for a period of time. These will be quite essential for late-game content and the only reliable way to produce these enmasse will be farming. We also plan to begin implementing the Farming version of the Militia quest as well as planning out Husbandry which is a complemetry skill to farming.

Many new crops and herbs will be enabled, we simply have to make the textures for them. We've recently taken on an art production studio (more expensive than what we typically pay) but should be able to create art assets much more quickly.

Thanks everyone for your support!
We plan on deploying the farming overhaul over the next week on testing realms and deploying it to live realms next weekend.