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Hello everyone!

This has been a very hectic week stamping out bugs but we wanted to make sure bugs were properly stamped out before we go ahead and make new content which has caused some delay with new content such as Thieving Guild, new quests and clue scrolls.

The following are what we have been working on over the last week (outside of the many many bugs we fixed an optimizations we made):

- Constructed a Bandit Encampment which will be the future sight of a new quest, ability to join bandits and join in on the banditry (at the expense of positive reputation), and our first agility course (soon to be implemented).



- We implemented a new short quest that rewards you with a bank vault upgrade once completed due to players running into bank space issues.
- A complete refactor of Smithing
- Simplified and streamlined the tutorial


Treasure Clues

We've implemented most the clues and the tech for clue scrolls, next up is balancing the rewards from Treasure before we can release them. These will be quite challenging to work out the cryptic clues and locations!

They will also be a good boost to income for chances of getting rare items as well as cosmetics exclusive to this gameplay. Treasure Clues will be able to be found from Birdnests, Combat, Pickpocketing, Farming and Fishing.

We've also taken the time to fix the underlying issue causing honey to be unharvestable.


What's Next

This week we're focused on releasing clue scrolls, new bandit mobs, and at least 1 bandit rank to the bandit activity line and a few more shop NPCs in Innsbruck and the quest "The Stolen Standard".

After that we have some pretty major revamps planned which will be discussed in more detail in our Behind the Scene's post in a week's time but the order of which we will implement content next month will be:

- Implement Agility
- Revamping Farming, Herblore and Potions
- Revamping Ranged Combat
- Revamping Pickpocketing
- Begin implementation of the Husbandry Skill

See you then and thanks everyone for the support!