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Hello folks!

Another month of development has gone by and we've made many many new balance changes and optimizations to gameplay that makes the game more enjoyable. Most notably a complete overhaul of Smelting, Armoursmithing, Weaponsmithing, Pelts, and Tailoring.

Smelting, Armoursmithing and Weaponsmithing should feel a lot more rewarding grinding on mid-level (Cast Iron) recipes now and should be the bread and butter way to train the skills more efficiently in terms of cost, whereas the higher recipes are more efficient only in experience / hr and should only really be chosen as a training option for extremely rich players.

We did a stock-take of the resources some items were consuming to make and simplified a few recipes down to make them more logical. With this update of course, it means that all prices of existing items need to be rebalanced, we have finished the calculation part and will be implementing the new values into the game shortly.

This month we also introduced a new quest (albeit a short one) that expands one of your existing vaults, added a bunch of tech and bug fixes that lets us create much more interesting quests and systems this month (which is the cause of the delay of lack of new quests). An example of this new tech is the turning on of the Treasure Clue gameplay mechanic, you will be able to find scrolls leading you to treasure after solving clues or talking to certain NPCs.


Treasure clues give various useful rewards including gear, cosmetics, useful items such as Travel Permits and Purveyance orders and fun items such as fireworks.


We plan on adding more difficult Treasure Clues which drop from higher level mobs this month.

This month we've also completed the construction and level design of a Bandit Camp, the camp features a future Parkour Course (for training Agility) and two factions, it will also be the future site of the ant-Militia questline where like Militia tasks, you will be able to advance through the ranks and getting more interesting tasks as you progress, at the detriment of your Militia standing. We will possibly add regional hostility to this system too where you have to sneak into towns without getting caught (for joining Bandits it would be only the immediate Alpine region).

The partying system is almost complete and will feature heavily in the next Militia rank up quest, where the encounter sizes of future and existing content will scale based on party size, it will also allow non-combat players to party with combat orientated players to complete quests or partake in content that they would otherwise be unable to access, whilst still keeping their character a pure skiller.

The Plan for October

Our plan involves finishing off the tech / content we have been working on in September mainly:

- The Lost Standard Quest
- Enabling Partying
- Enabling Encounter Scaling on Current Content
- Bug Fixes

This month we plan on overhauling and creating a huge amount of content and we have been and still are aggressively expanding the development team, however due to the high standards we uphold and consistency required for art-styles we have not yet found a full-time artist. However many players from our community recently have volunteered their various skills and time in aiding development, it is muchly appreciated!

We will be overhauling and creating content for many new systems this month our main areas of overhaul:

- Pickpocketing
Pickpocketing has not had any content created for it and is not balanced currently, we will be adding a pickpocket option to all humanoid mobs, properly balanced and level designed with "Police" trait NPCs attacking you if you are caught stealing from another NPC.

This also includes the creation of the Thieving Guild questline (similar to Militia but various capers).

- Farming & Herblore
We will be refactoring Herblore to make potion buff effects more meaningful including creating recipes and technical support for many more potion types. Farming will be refactored again to be more convenient and accessible, as well as more rewarding where the only reliable source of high tier herbs to make amongst other things immune damage potions would come from planting.

This also includes the creation of the Purveyor's questline (similar to Militia but gathering various goods for a Quartermaster)

- Ranged
Overhauling the formula in a similar way we overhauled melee combat last month to make ranged a legitimate and enjoyable thing to do

Other Content:
As always our plan for this month is to add more quests, we're aiming tentatively for 6 new quests now that the technical parametres have all been created. We might also fit in this month 3 new world bosses (extremely) tough who have the chance to drop more special equipment such as gear that reduces damage taken, and gear that increases your attack-speed based on your beserk state (these will be extremely rare, and the cost in terms of supplies will be high in tackling this content).

These new bosses will likely use extremely powerful skills that will need to be dodged (either by using a Shield or hiding behind obstacles), these skills will be animation signaled.

Looking forward to a great October!


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I'm looking forward to this update. Thank you everyone for your hard work and continuing to make this game possible!