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Another month flying by!

Things are really tensing up as we get closer to our release, we still have around 1200 hours more of content to make to hit out planned 1500+ hours of content upon release (technically at 500 hours of content created if we turn on the wild world and free-build mechanic).

This month we've been working really hard on completely overhauling farming, pickpocketing and more technical parameters to support more complex quests especially our thieving guild quests.

As of this post, we're 90% done with the farming update but we're waiting on some final textures, skins and balance decisions to wrap up before we will be deploying the farming update to live servers.

The main changes we have made to farming is to make farming more rewarding and accessible.
- You no longer have to rent a farming house to farm, there are not public farms (you can only see and interact with your own crops)
- New vegetables and crops
- Custom textures for vegetables
- Revamped compost mechanic
- Increased yield and experience for crops
- Nerfed the heal from 'simpler' foods
- Reduced herb drop rate from foraging
- Farmed herbs are harvested clean (they have not had time for grime to accumulate)
- New herbs Yarrow and Henbane and their respective seeds

We're working on a compost bin mechanic that is very indepth and complex, depending on what you put in you get different grade compost out, low level compost will still be craftable using the crafting grid as usual. Here are some farming screenshots!


Our first communal farm plots with compost bin and tool bin.


Some new vegetable textures! Tomatoes, Eggplants, Onions, Cabbages and more!

What there is left to do is turn on the remaining seeds and deploy them on live (around 10 vegetables and 12 herbs). As well as creating more produce NPCs, Farming NPCs, Seed NPCs and the Farming Tutorial NPC. We estimate a rough ETA to be in 1-2 days from now.


Herblore got some interesting updates this previous month too with the creation of 2 new potions which respectively give immune damage from melee and ranged. The new herbs cannot be found in the wild and the recent updates to farmed herbs being harvested clean should improve accessibility to herblore.

We will be creating some new bosses in the month of November that are quite tough, hit extremely hard and can be done with more traditional methods (high healing foods) but will be a lot easier if using immune damage potions, but of course also more expensive as these potions will not be the easiest to get. The costs and risks of course will be rewarded, these bosses will drop some unique sets that give various unique combat benefits.

We'll also be experimenting with telegraphing skills and special boss skills that you will have to dodge, these will be telegraphed using particles and sound effects. This does mean you will have to learn the attacks and skills as well as attack patterns of certain bosses.


Pickpocketing we're created a lot of tech for towards the end of last month such as stun on fail, police traits, avoid guard type NPCs and such. This has delayed the pickpocket overhaul slightly but we've issued ourselves an ultimatum to finish and deploy the overhaul by Friday this week (5 days from now). High-level seeds will also be able to be pickpocketable.

Though delayed the tech does mean we can implement really fancy tasks for the Thieving Guild and will be doing so quite shortly (setting deadline for Friday also)


We've spent some time this month also asset-upgrading existing locations with the newer blocks, towns and villages are generally more well lit now without breaking our goal of creating a dark/realistic atmosphere. Innsbruck has gotten a lot of asset upgrades with over 20 houses having their interiors finished. In this month we will be spending a lot of time finishing off the building in Innsbruck and also fleshing out content throughout the world due to finding a good supplier of skins.

In fact you can already see changes!



The Focus for November

The preliminary focus for November is to finish off the things we did not have time to finish off last month due to various reasons and these are:

- Farming Overhaul
- Pickpocket Overhaul
- Ranged Overhaul

We have committed ourselves to finishing these rehauls by Friday, after which we will be focusing on more content, November will be a content update rather than technical/behind the scenes heavy month like October.

- At least 15 new quests
- Thieving Guild
- Quartermaster (Farming/Gathering/Crafting) type Occupation
- New Bosses
- Polishing Existing Content
- More Shops
- New Combat Sets

Thanks for everyone's support! If you're enjoying the server let us know, it is great motivation for us to know people are having fun!