Christmas Development Update

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We have been working hard this holiday to get even more systems online, our items database has just had spices used in renaissance cuisine coded in, our world settings plugin is well under way and we have a unique and easy to use interface for claiming regions as well as the ability to have non-cuboid regions.

Our tournaments plugin is getting polished and will be holding our very first tournament early next year as a celebration of how far we've come. Crafting levels and professions will be implemented shortly sometime around the new year. In the next few days we will be working hard on implementing mushrooms, mutton, game meats, spices into our items database and that will lay down the foundations to many cooking recipes.

Behind the Scenes - December

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World Settings Plugin
This month we are pleased to announce the development of our unique world settings plugin. This plugin will allow us to replace all vanilla drops with our custom item drops, unique region flags and biome settings. As an example, one area might be configured to have wheat crops drop Wheat Grain and another configured to drop Barley Grain depending on the geographical location. This plugin will give life to the game world by dictating what a particular area produces in the form of game meats, fish and of course crops.

Crafting Refinement
We have refined our crafting and items plugin after the expected teething problems of testing newly created plugins (still some refining to do). Both plugins are not operating smoothly and our Archivists are working hard to create new item entries and recipe entries into our databases. Threads have been created in workshop forum where you can provide your feedback, suggestions and inputs to what items and...

Behind the Scenes - November

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Item Database

The Items Plugin has been complete. We are now working hard to create the thousands of items including hundreds of weapons and armours that will be present in Hegemony. Items will feature unique historical names and descriptions as well as an option to run the examine command on the item for more descriptive information on the item. The completion of our Items Plugin means that we can begin work on our Crafting Plugin which uses and ties into the Items Plugin.


The crafting plugin will feature thousands of recipes in thirteen professions, players would need to have the correct ingredients, crafting levels and other factors such as being beside an anvil or holding a particular tool such as a hammer or chisel. Crafting experience can be gained by creating things within the profession with higher crafting levels having more advanced recipes unlocked, lower failure chances and higher critical success chances...

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