Behind the Scenes - July

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Hello everyone!

Server is now back in a state that can be play-tested, we did a lot of work refactoring code to update the server to 1.14 and it has definitely paid off in terms of AI performance!
Backend Infrastructure
This month in terms of content we worked on three very important pieces of backend infrastructure.
1) Server backend infrastructure for load management
This is important for when we release that allows us to scale to meet our expected player count.
2) More world interaction
You will be able to interact more directly with the world with our latest backend infrastructure. Such as searching haystacks and bookshelves to pickpocketing market stalls.
3) Packs and Patrols
Special mobs will spawn as a pack and travel around the world, these could be for example tax collectors, wandering merchants, or caravans and such.
Sell Menu Improvements

We've upgraded the sell...

Behind the Scenes - June

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Hello everyone!
We've had an extremely hectic May both due to Minecraft updating to 1.14 and we biting off a lot of areas we're polishing up and adding content to. We have also been busy growing the development team and have recently taken on a Game Designer to assist with content creation (hopefully freeing me up to finally finish Innsbruck), a dedicated 2D Artist to create a complete overhaul to the ingame experience.

As we had to refactor a lot of code for 1.14 we decided to also refactor some old systems such as switching from 3D textures to 2D, looking into making music more non-blocky, optimizing various things that were eating into performance such as custom lighting and remastering our older builds that have aged a little compared to what we are capable of now.

Schonsee has had an asset upgrade, where many buildings had little details added and the overall scene improved upon, and...

Behind the Scenes - May

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Hello folks!

Very belated Behind the Scenes post but we wanted to put everything we intended into the feature update before announcing it. We have some very cool stuff in the works but this month we are working hard on releasing the merchanting skill, various economy updates, polishing, quest creation and cleaning up game content in anticipation for a Beta launch.

Stay tuned!

Behind the Scenes - April

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Hey everyone!

We're making huge progress this month with lots of technical behind the scenes updates such as improving server performance, fixing a login lag that and also lag from woodcutting.

This month we're working on polishing off the land claiming mechanic, I am sure all of you are super excited from the teaser's we've posted in our discord chat.

We finished making the tech for our friend list system and also the tech that enables us to create tattered parchments that leads to treasure!

Innsbruck is chugging along swiftly too with 25% of the structures completed (we're not quite ready to show it off yet). We've scheduled as mentioned earlier polishing land claiming mechanics and also either the mounts or companions system for this month, stay tuned.

Looking forward to an amazing month!

Behind the Scenes - March

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Hello everyone!

We had an extremely productive month of development, version 2.4.0 is coming along steadily and we will be doing a preliminary QA pass on our player region claim and management code in the coming weeks!

Expect more teasers regarding player owned regions, and the wild world in the coming days! We will also be beginning work on the cutscenes plugin as well as companions for 2.4.0 and these are coming along now.

The biggest progress we made is with builds, Innsbruck has been completely planned and construction has begun! Relatively short news update this month as many of the things we want to show off are slated for mid-late March.

Keep an eye on changelogs channel for news updates!
(Content wise we're working on implementing vocations and clue scrolls this month too)

In the meantime here are some screenshots of Innsbruck progress!