Hegemony is a classic-styled MMORPG that has been in development since late 2015. The game uses Minecraft as a game engine, where all custom content are calculated server-sided.

An unmodified Minecraft client is all that is required to play. No download required.

We’re focused on creating a MMORPG experience that was present in classical-MMORPGs where game mechanics were richly intertwined with each other in a contiguous game world. Our goal is to create a truly inclusive, supportive and friendly community that even after our players stop playing due to real life commitments, they can look back and see it as an experience they can be fond of.

Meaningful Items System

“An items system of which gear is a part of, as opposed to a gear system that happens to have items”

In Hegemony the Items System does not revolve around gear and does not focus on enchantments, modifiers, properties or types. We have created an engaging Items System with meaningful non-gear Items that players engage with on a near daily basis.

We do not design with an emphasis between low-level or high-level items, often some of the most easily acquired items are used in more difficult content, all items are seamlessly integrated and all have meaning.

Contiguous and Integrated World

We believe in a non-theme park experience, the world was not designed with lower level or higher level areas in mind. We believe in strong integration of game content, including locations in the world.

In Hegemony, there are no early or late-game areas, your adventures will take you all over the world.

Non-linear/Non-hero Narrative

The player is not a hero. The player is a nobody. Quests in Hegemony do not place players in a hero narrative and instead the persona of an opportunistic nobody attempting to eke out a living in the world.

Quests require you to correctly manipulate NPCs, read between the lines, find clues and sometimes interact with hidden objects, find secrets/rumours to progress the quest.

Relaxed Pacing

Hegemony is designed to be played at your own pace; no player would be severely disadvantaged due to the progress of another. Mechanics are designed in such a way that you do not need to treat gaming like a second full-time job.

We promote responsible gaming; there are no time constraints, nor mechanics that promote elitism. How you choose to play is entirely up to you.